i go walking… (the color edition)


This summer has been pretty fantastic with so many bright, gorgeous, sunny days that demand you step outside and soak up the light and do fun stuff like go to the playground and run through sprinklers. I’m out and about with the kiddos a lot, and though I don’t take my fancy camera with me on these walks and trips to fun places (because I don’t want to have to carry one more single thing in my bag) I still like to photograph pretty stuff I come across. And because I am obsessed with color, I have started creating little palettes like the ones here to file away for future reference when putting together new quilts tops and working on other color-y projects.


Going off on a tangent here (as I am wont to do), but can I just say that living in this neighborhood has made me appreciate hydrangeas in a way I never did before. Not that I shared Madonna’s feeling about them, but I was just never that excited by them. Now? I look forward to hydrangea season because they are just so freaking beautiful.


EDITED TO ADD: Seanna Lea asked how I make the palettes, so I thought I would share. I use Photoshop. I create a new project at 612 (the width of an Instagram photo) x 900 pixels. On separate layers I make rectangles and fill them with colors I select from the photo itself using the dropper/color selection tool. Pretty easy and a fun little way to play with Photoshop. Hope this is helpful.


One thought on “i go walking… (the color edition)

  1. How are you creating your pallette? Is it an application or are you just picking out the colors you like best from the picture and marking them?

    They are gorgeous pallettes and it is a great idea for inspiration, so I'm just curious!

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