teacup toupee? coffee carpet?

wee patchwork thingy - action shot
First off, I just want to apologize to Chawne for the words I am about to type. I made a mug rug. For those who are unfamiliar with the term and craft blog sensation, swap phenomenon, and star of their own reality show, mug rugs are like teeny placemats large enough for your mug, teacup, or jar of whiskey and a snack. They’re larger than a coaster but way smaller than a placemat. They’re essentially mini-quilts. With a borderline obscene name. I mean, come on!

wee placemat for your cup of coffee/tea/whiskey

Anyway, it was interesting putting together this little teacup toupee for an upcoming class at gather here. With the last few projects I have made with a class in mind, including this one, I have been hyper-aware of the construction, asking myself the whole time if someone who is fairly new to sewing and doing patchwork for the first time can handle it. The answer is “yes.” More and more I am making things with “the other sewists” in mind. The herringbone quilt, for example, has such an easy, basic construction that anyone can make it with ease. And this teeny intro to patchwork project is snappy, small, and easy as pie. I’m psyched for the class! And I kinda want to make 20 more of these and give them to friends for the holidays.

3 thoughts on “teacup toupee? coffee carpet?

  1. I'm okay with the term mug rug, after all it is describing what it actually is 😉
    Yours turned out really great! I love the boarder you chose.
    I think they are great but I don't have quilting skills so I look at them from afar.
    Have a great day

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