Hi! Thanks for dropping by.

Born and raised in New York (Queens, yo!), I come from a line of seamstresses from Puerto Rico. My dad is a painter who loves bold colors. I’ve been making stuff since I was a wee. I went on to study Illustration at Parsons but grew disenchanted with the cut-throat competitive aspect of making art for hire.

I rediscovered my passion for playing with form, space, and color when I started sewing. Inspired by the world of zakka blogs and the quilters of Gees Bend (whose work I was introduced to at the High Museum in Atlanta during an awesome road trip), I started making soft toys and playing with patchwork. Eventually, thanks to Denyse Schmidt’s first book, I discovered my true love – quilting.

Presently, I live in Cambridge, MA, and teach quilting and patchwork at Gather Here. I design softie and quilt patterns which are available for sale at my etsy shop.

Anything else? Oh yeah! I have two fantastic kids. I’m married to a maker and professional art installer who also happens to be my best friend. We live with 2 cats, Fitzgerald (LG for short) and Anaïs, and a dog, Toby the amazing tri-color Sheltie. I have 2 Jukis (a TL2010Q and a HZL-F600) that I use and love a ton. I love music, art, strong coffee, long meandering walks, long meandering conversations, road trips, and photography.

And I love to make stuff, yo!

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