crazy shower loot – pt. 2 the sewn goods

In continuation of yesterday’s post about how lucky I am to have such awesome crafty friends, I present to you the sewn goods. The phenomenal quilt you see here is by Kelly, whose quilting I have long admired. Her work is just brilliant! Look at that binding – the fabric she chose is perfect! *swoon*

And how lucky is this baby that even his burping will be done in style? Caro whipped up the most awesome burping cloths. Because she is one smart cookie, she used flannel for the backs of the cloths so that they will stick a little and stay in place when you throw ’em over your shoulder. So neat!

Finally, we come to these adorable onesies in a range of baby sizes that our friends Ryan and Rhiannon silk-screened for us. Each one has a snappy little slogan on it based on an inside joke between Ryan and Matt, which I would explain here except its one of those jokes that probably wouldn’t be funny or clever to anyone but Ryan and Matt. You know how it goes with those. Regardless, the onesies are ridiculously sweet.

Huge thanks to all of our thoughtful and talented friends who showered us with so much love on Sunday. You guys are all wonderful, and I am so glad to know you.

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