crazy shower loot – pt. 1 the knits

I am really lucky. I’ve found some pretty awesome friends since we moved up here almost four years ago. This Sunday, they threw me a fabulous baby shower. Both Matt and I were touched by everyone’s thoughtfulness and generosity. As it is, I get all verklempt when people give me presents, but handmade presents always throw me over that edge and reduce me to a blubbering mess. The waterworks were in full effect when I opened up a gift from the one and only Grumperina and found this sweater – the sweater – in my lap. I watched her progress on this beauty both on her blog and in person, totally in love with it, all the while hoping to knit one for the Feisty one as soon as she made the pattern available (which it is now). Seriously, I am so honored and moved by this gorgeous little sweater. Also, every time I put this on the wee one, I will admire Stacie’s amazing spinning skills, as she spun the yarn Grumperina used.

blanket by the great grumperini

Also from Grumperina is this wonderful blanket, that I love love love! The colors are so spot-on.

So speaking of wee sweaters that inspire a huge response, this teeny beauty by Greeley also had me weeping with joy and love. I love the neckline, and that Sundara is so squishy and sumptuous.

And GAH! Will you look at this delightful little number by Diana? It is the most perfect shade of green! And the juicy orange buttons are such a smile-inducing detail. I love this so much!

Last but certainly not least, I received this ridiculously cute itty-bitty hat from Pam the other day. It was actually the first of the handknits to come through our door, and boy, did it break the floodgates. I’d like to blame it on the hormones, but really, I am extremely touched by everyone’s thoughtfulness and lovely handiwork.

Next up, the sewn goods….


5 thoughts on “crazy shower loot – pt. 1 the knits

  1. What gorgeous gifts. I loved the stripey cardigan and the little green one on the blogs and wondered who they were for and then saw them on here. No wonder you were in tears of happiness with such wonderful friends to make such lovely things. The blanket is knitted in some fantastic colors too isnt it.

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