it’s a little bit of madness

Last week (or the week before), I heard about an awesome quiltalong going on over at jaybird quilts. It’s basically a hexagon-along, and naturally, I couldn’t resist hexing along. I’ve always wanted to try this method. I’m not officially playing because I’m not sure what my schedule will be like in the next couple of weeks, but if you want to hexalong, go to jaybird quilts. She’s got a great tutorial on how to get started. I can’t wait for the rest of it all!

I think I need to strip a few more pieces of fabric, since what I have so far only measures about 18 x 24 inches tops. Granted, I intend to sash a border around it. I think a good 8 – 10 inches ought to do nicely. I still think I need some more triangles, though, just to be on the safe side.

Over on Flickr, little red hen/eggmoney suggested I try pinwheels, and when she talks I listen because, well, have you seen her amazing quilts? Her works is bananas! It is so awesome. I had a bit of fun arranging the pinwheels, but I’m not sure which way I will ultimately go with this. It’s fun to experiment. I might stick with the hexagons just because they’re more subdued, but we’ll see.

I don’t have too much fabric left to play around with only because I used up most of those 1/2 yards on this wonky cross quilt:

Why would you look at that? Yet another crib quilt! I’m trying to see if I can squeak this one in before it’s time. I am in the process of sewing up pieces for one last row. Hopefully, I’ll have the top finished tonight. The back is going to be one big wonky cross – easy as pie.

Some folks had questions when I posted about the fabrics for this, but because blogger is set up the way it is, I can’t answer folks individually through email. So here goes:

Carolyn – The second print from the left is Zoology by Michael Miller in Lagoon. I love that it’s almost an inverse image of the Alexander Henry prints.

Jane – I seriously considered doing a zigzag but found myself cutting these strips and blocks instead. Next time, though!

Reve – Some of these fabrics I picked up at Franklin Mill when I went there with some friends a few months ago. I just rounded out the collection with some more Michael Miller and Alexander Henry from fabricworm, which is at the moment my favorite online shop. Their prices are good, their collection is fantastic, and they ship super-fast.

I’m off to finish this top now. Perhaps come the weekend, I’ll be binding this puppy so that next week I can move on to other crafty endeavors before our Feisty friend gets here.


2 thoughts on “it’s a little bit of madness

  1. The hexagons are contagious. After seeing yours, I ran over and joined the swap. I dove right into my fat quarter stash and went to town. Thanks for the heads up.

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