swap goodness

left to right: snail by Evonne, Circle of Friends Square (hexagoned!) by Kelly, Tried To Look Pretty potholder by Susanne, Topflappen by Jenn, and Lotus Blossom potholders by Beth.

Thanks again to everyone who participated in this year’s Potholder Swap. I spent most of today napping, recovering from yesterday’s fun and hilarity, and admiring the delightful potholders I got in the swap. As I said yesterday, we were inundated with so many gorgeous potholders. It was hard to choose from so many beauties. I managed though.

This snail potholder from Evonne just blew me away with its tremendous cuteness. And it’s teal on one side and pink on the other – LOVE!

from left to right: Circle of Friends Square by Lynda, Starfish potholder by Cheryl, Hexagon potholder by Adrian, and Potholder IV Maryse.

I also got extremely lucky and received wonderful potholders from my co-hostesses and from little loops, who by the way, sent us the most hilarious note with hers. I admit, I kinda bit it as far as crocheting potholders for all of them. I hang my head in shame now. After crocheting my five, I started on another four, but I had such a serious case of clawhand (or to be precise, my CT was causing me so much pain & discomfort) that I just couldn’t do it. I was able to get three fronts and backs done before admitting that clawhand had won and there was no way I would be able to join those fast enough without seriously hurting myself. I do intend to finish them off and send them to my fabulous co-hostesses at some point in the near future, however. In the meanwhile, I at least had some softies to present them which I hope they love as much as I love their potholders and this awesome bag Stacie made:

bag from Stacie

Tomorrow, I will take down last year’s potholders and rearrange all of them (this year’s and last year’s) in a carefully curated display of crocheted loveliness. Can’t wait to see them all up! I will post photos as soon as that’s finished.

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