potholders galore!

I spent all day at Adrian’s today with Maryse, Stacie, and Cheryl sorting potholders for this year’s Great Potholder Swap. Dude. Just, dude. There were so many gorgeous potholders! Thanks to everyone who participated! You folks really outdid yourselves this year! And thank you all for the chocolates and other delicious snacky treats. We are all about the snacky treats. You guys rock!

And huge thanks to Adrian for being the hostess with the mostest! As always, she was beyond fabulously hospitable with tons of food and drink and presents. She is truly the sweetest, and her mailperson is wonderful for coming to pick up all those packages on Monday. We had a little over a hundred packages total. It was such a great afternoon hanging out with friends, laughing and eating tons of cheese while admiring some super-awesome crochet. Perhaps we’ll do it again next year…. We’ll see about that next year, though. For now, we are pooped! Hope you all love your potholders. I will post about the ones I got in the swap tomorrow or Monday.


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