playing with blocks

Squares by (in no particular order): Nova, Minty, Julie Frick, Diana, Jennie, Pam, and me.

So about that quilting bee I’m in – I forgot to mention that last month was my month. Derf. I had already picked out my fabrics and chosen a design/motif before I’d even joined, so the rest was super-easy. All my bee-buddies did an amazing job, and I am totally in love with the results.

Originally, I thought I wanted to do some sashing, but seeing the squares together with all their wild juxtapositions makes me think it works best as is. As soon as all the squares are in and I whip up a couple more to make it 30 blocks total, I am going to start joining them. I may even finish this quilt by the end of the month; I have the perfect backing fabric ready to go and everything. Oooooh, YAY! Can you tell I’m excited about this?

Thanks to all my fellow bee participants! You guys knocked it out of the ballpark!


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