busy as a bee

With Spring finally upon us, there seems to be no shortage of virtual quilting bees happening on the ol’ internetz. Why, it’s all abuzz with quilty love these days, and I am falling right into it myself. I decided to join some old friends in a little bee of our own. The timing might not be perfect what with the wee one due in just a few weeks (holy crap!), but I’m going to try. I keep sitting out bee after bee because of one obligation or another, and I didn’t want to sit out yet another and end up regretting it. Because you know what? Bees look like a ton of fun. And they are! And honestly, it might be the only sewing I do for the next few months. (Let’s not speak of how the very thought of working on assembly lines of softies makes my head hurt. Oy. I don’t think that’s going to happen again until Xmas.) Might as well sew something that inspires me.

And let me tell you, sewing these blocks for Minty definitely inspired me. For her month, Minty decided she wanted wonky stars. Her requirements were simple – she wanted us to make stars in different colors so that ultimately she would end up with a spectrum’s worth of stars. She sent us a background fabric and asked us to use fabrics from our stash for the points. She also directed us to this wonderful tutorial. I made a few test blocks, which I’ll post about next week since I stupidly didn’t photograph them today, and I fell in love with the results. I went a little head over heels with it and made a couple of extra blocks for her:

Here’s hoping that she likes ’em. And here’s to virtual quilting bees! I’m looking forward to working on everyone else’s blocks. It’s interesting to see what patterns/ motifs people choose and to play with fabric again.

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