bibbed for her pleasure

One of the crafty endeavors that’s been on my mental to-do list for months now is making a bunch of bibs. The other night, I took one of the bibs that my sister gave me and used it as a quickie template to cut up a big batch of bibs. Using only two layers of fabric (as most bibs I saw seem to go) and minimal detailing, these were such a quick and easy project. And can I admit that for the first time ever, I used the walking foot to sew curves? How have I not been doing this all along? How?! Derf!

I had so much fun picking out the fabrics for this. I got a chance to play with all these cute Japanese fabrics I have stashed that I typically only use for making softies. I love the juicy colors and adorable prints. Also, I figured it would also be a good idea to have a heavier weight cotton on top for maximum goo absorbency. Because you know that cute though these are, there will be lots of goo on them, and they have to be able to take it.

And how much do I love sew-on Velcro? Lots and lots! It was a good thing that I mentioned to Matt that I needed sew-on Velcro. As I was about to lament not being able to find anything but the sticky stuff, he offered me about a foot or more of the sew-on stuff. Apparently, it’s used a lot in fitting and installing art. Who knew? Well, actually, given my past work experience, I should have known. Ah, the things we forget. Or maybe it’s just that my brain is turning into a fine paste these days.

The only thing I wish I had done differently with this project was that I did not cut a pattern from the original bib. I just pinned the bib onto the various fabrics and cut. Had I created one template only, my bibs would have been more uniform in size. As it is, they vary here and there, albeit by just a fraction of an inch. Not such a big deal, really. Again, I don’t think any baby is going to mind as they’re gooing the bib up with food.

Oh yeah! I kinda got a little carried away and made more than I needed, so I’ll be sending the extras to a couple of friends. Hope they like ’em.

One last thing, speaking of bibs, I had to get the “got bob?” ravelry bib as soon as saw them because hello, cuteness! And of course, here is the obligatory shot of Mali wearing the bib:

Mali in Bob bib

I also took a sucktastic yet hilarious shot of LG wearing the bib. Heh, they think having a baby around is going to excuse them from enduring these photo sessions where I take cute yet embarrassing photos of them wearing funny stuff and then post them on the internet. Hah! They are wrong! So very wrong.


2 thoughts on “bibbed for her pleasure

  1. Little do they know what's coming … I expect to see Mali and LG and the babe sporting MATCHING OUTFITS! Let's all share in the ridiculous.

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