tiny tiny, tiny little needles

Mischa knits

In some ways, I am a huge product-ho. I’m not necessarily into having the latest gadgets, cosmetics, accessories, or fashions, but if I see or hear about a new yarn or new needles, I have to have them, if only to try them out. I think that’s really what it’s about for me, experimenting with the new and seeing how it works. When I first saw these Hiya Hiya needles over at Tiennie’s blog, I wondered about them. I had seen them before someplace (was it Loop?), but decided against getting them because it seemed too much like an impulse purchase. I didn’t really need them, per se. They did seem like they would be great for sock-knitting. I thought about them and thought about them. Well, as luck would have it, the Loopy Ewe announced they would soon offer these and had them up in the shop within a week. I was thrilled with this serendipitous development and snagged myself a couple. They were awaiting me when we returned from Dance Camp, and immediately I cast on with them. Can I say that I am certainly not used to knitting with such itty-bitty needles? They are so teeny and charming, BUT…. My fingers feels huge and clumsy, and the knitting itself is going painfully slow with my stumbling, fumbling digits. Hurts my hands a bit, too (what with the CT and all). I am hoping that it just takes a little getting used to and that once I get the hang of it my fingers will be flying. I am used to holding my needles more loosely and towards the middle and cradling the back of the needle with my fingers, like in the top duo of photos:

longer needles = less stress on my hands?

teeny needles = worthy of Mischa, not me?

In the bottom duo, you can see how my massive hands hold the adorable Lilliputian needles. *sigh* They’re just right for Mischa, but for me? Give me some time with them, maybe. I seriously thought that socks would just fly off of ’em. There is still hope that in a week’s time, I will have totally gotten the hang of them and will be just tearing through socks. For now, however, it’s little by little, stitch by stitch. Here’s the progress I have made in two separate knitting sessions (top photo):

Which works better with this colorway?

And in the bottom photo you see the progress I made on a Pomotamus in one night using DPNs, which I haven’t done in a looooooooooong time but figured I would do again for variety’s sake (and because I already have socks on all my US size 1 circs). The Pom is going at a much faster rate than this super-simple ribbed and textured sock. I don’t think this Pom is going to make it to the second pattern repeat, however. I was loving the Pom at first, but now I am not so sure if this colorway is doing it any favors. I don’t think I would mind ripping it – at all. I think this particular colorway works better in the ribbed and textured pattern, but I am not totally sure about that either. So I am up in the air about both of these. Should I just do some plain ol’ stockinette socks? What do you think? Which pattern do you folks prefer for this yarn and colorway? Let me know. I think although I totally love this colorway, it’s going to be tricky to get it to work with a pattern.

what's that on your head JJ?

Oh hai! Yr guydance – i needz it!


6 thoughts on “tiny tiny, tiny little needles

  1. I’m so buying some of those needles – I had no idea that they came in the 9 inch length!I agree with you on the sock patterning – the (non-pom) texture looks better to me.

  2. hmmm…i don’t know. i’m kind of drawn to the way the poms look in that yarn. it looks sunset-y to me. but i like the other one too. those needles would drive me nuts! i don’t think i could handle the tininess of them. i hope they end up working for you though.

  3. Mischa is too cute! I have some similar needles from Clover in really short lengths but they’re plastic. I could never really get the hang of them either. I gave up after realizing how much faster I am on DPNs!

  4. Nice needles!As for the pattern – I’m making a pair of Upstairs Sox (by Wollschnegge; they’re on ravelry) at the moment, with a self striping yarn, and it seems to work quite well so far…

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