crazy coo-coo way out swingin’ single socks

Recently, I went into a yarn shop to see a certain talented indie dyer’s yarn in person and hopefully get some into my sticky hands. When one of the people at the shop asked if she could help me, and I told her about my query, she informed me that they didn’t have any at the moment and wouldn’t be getting any in until the Fall because no one knits socks in the summer. Really? No one? Huh. Interesting. I knit socks in the summer. I’m pretty certain I am not alone on that. I mean, my friends knit socks in the summer. I look at knit blogs and see socks everywhere in the summer. In fact, there is even a knitalong called the Summer of Socks. I even took a little poll, and of all the people who participated (thank you, by the way!), everyone was on the side of sock-knitting in the summer. I thought that was a pretty strange thing to say. I mean, it’s one thing if you’re not getting the yarn until the Fall because of the dyer’s schedule. I well know what an indie crafter’s business is like in the summer. That’s fine – no biggie. But to tell me no one knits socks in the summer? Wha-huh? Strange indeed. (Of course, I am so ridiculously shy that instead of countering that with, “I know a lot of people who knit socks in the summer,” I politely thanked her and walked away.)

Anyway, socks are in full effect over here this summer, starting with these Spring Forward socks in Koigu (in a colorway that Diana and one ms. grumperina brilliantly and simultaneously described as sea-glass:

Spring Forward Socks in Koigu

And these Waving Lace Socks, from Favorite Socks, also in Koigu:

Waving Lace Socks in Koigu

Funny thing about this second pair of socks. I ran out of yarn when I reached the toe of the first sock, which means that I won’t have enough yarn to finish the second. Now I could do the smart, methodical thing and frog the first one (or part of the first one) or I can try to find more yarn like a crazy person. Guess which one I opted for? Although, in my defense, I would like to say it is not so much because I’m crazy (although I probably am) as because I am damn stubborn, which might be the same thing in the end. What is the definition of an unreasonable man again? Besides, I would rather have a sock with an off-colored toe that no one will see under my Wellies or boots and have the sock be long enough so that I don’t get a chill than have perfectly matching socks and chilly legs. (I’m a wuss about the cold.) More on this later, though….


13 thoughts on “crazy coo-coo way out swingin’ single socks

  1. hahaha! knitting socks in the summer! what a thing to do. you really are a weird your beautiful single socks and the koigu and the colours, and i’m all about long socks. the longer the better, in fact!

  2. That seaglass colour is so stunning. I never find koigu in yummy colours like that. As for that shop? They’re dead to me.

  3. that lady’s crazy. I just finished one sock and immediately cast on for another. What are you supposed to knit in the summer, a big heavy wool sweater that sis in your lap in 90 degree weather?That Koigu is divine. DIVINE.

  4. Absolutely sea glass and how I love those photos – one leg, then the next. Silly shop woman is right. Denying people their sock yarn!

  5. Yes, silly shop woman. I was recently told at a shop that EVERYONE knits socks w/ bamboo now. Not me!Both socks are gorgeous, I really love the color of the Waving Lace.

  6. I am starting a Sock KAL Aug 1 with Kim from LICKnits, so I guess I knit socks in the summer too.Love both those pair the seaglass is so pretty!

  7. Isn’t that funny? I always knit MORE socks in the summer because they are portable, don’t stick to me in the heat and help prepare for the cold winter. Love your socks!

  8. Pshhhhhhhhhh. Wtvr. What else does one knit in the summer heat? Hot, wooly aran sweaters? Um, OK, well maybe I have one of those in progress but socks are definitely summer knits! I know a lot of people like knit camis and other summery things but I would never knit myself one. When it’s 100 degrees, I don’t want to be clad in anything heavier than a paper thin tank top. Oh yeah and you’re totally inspiring me with those socks. I think I need some interesting socks after a summer of mindless sock patterns.

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