oh no(ro)

Noro Jaywalker

How’s your summer coming along? Things are pretty darn good over here. I forgot I had this blog here for a moment. Let me tell you, people, I’ve got nothing but socks for you. It’s all socks in the summer for me (which ties into the poll I took, but more on that tomorrow, when I will actually have finished socks to share with you). Let’s start with these. Actually, I started this pair of Jaywalkers in April or May. I’m not sure, and I didn’t bother listing a start date on my project page on ravelry. Why did I not do this? Furthermore, why would I abandon this seemingly decent sock? Honestly, I am not crazy about knitting with this yarn. In fact, I kinda hate it a little. The yarn itself is so pretty, with all its little flecks and its single-ply rustic charm, and the colors are lovely. Knitting with it, however, is a whole other experience, at least for me. It feels like I’m knitting with twine, and it keeps twisting on me as I knit. I have a friend who is interested in buying it off of me, but I am still debating whether I want to frog this (or stop right here and sell the leftover yarn) or forge ahead with it. I’m totally on the fence. I’m thinking I may forge ahead because I do enjoy the color changes as I knit. Oh, Noro! You’re so darn pretty, but so darn stringy and harsh.

5 thoughts on “oh no(ro)

  1. Yes, my Noro ‘Ziggy’ sock has been put aside for the same reasons you describe…just so damn scratchy! I now feel like I know what knitting with lichen would be like. Interesting, but I don’t want to continue!

  2. The yarn does soften up after you wash it. I made some rpms with mine and I love them. If you hate the process though it will probably take you forever to finish them.

  3. Oh I love those spring forward socks! Great colors on both of those! Very you colors. My brain turns to mush in the heat, and although I knit socks in the summer, they’re usually Vanilla Stockinette Socks.

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