we’re back!


Dance Camp was a blast! Duggan is an amazing person to do this every year, and now he’s doing it three times over the course of the summer. This was just the first session. Actually, this session isn’t even over; we just had to leave early because Matt had to get back to work. The kids’ final performance is tomorrow night. (Break a leg, guys!) I don’t think we’ll be participating in the other two sessions, since each session is going to feature different teachers and different types of dance (with an emphasis on hip-hop and jazz because those are really Duggan’s specialty). Being as this session had tap and capoeira, the next will have ballet and something else. Speaking of capoeira, good lord, what a workout Matt gave these kids! It was pretty strenuous, but I noticed while going through all the photos, that in most of the photos of the kids doing capoeira, they were smiling while doing their thing. While Matt may have tired them out, they certainly seem to have enjoyed themselves.


matt teaches mural painting

There was also a contingent of kids who were not participating in one number or another and instead chose to help Matt paint a mural in the rehearsal room. It was kinda funny seeing Matt direct this mob of kids with paint in their hands. I think he was a little overwhelmed at first (I know I was – big time), but in the end, he did a fabulous job. (Even though we still have to go back up some weekend and tidy up the mural a bit.) Oh, and finally getting to the stars of the show – the kids… what can I say but wow! What a great bunch of kids, so hard-working and talented. They really brought it this year! Their parents should be so proud because seriously, these kids are wonderful. They certainly inspired me to believe that just maybe there is hope for the future after all.

You can see more photos of Dance Camp here.

Sadly, I don’t have any new knitting to show, but soon, my friends, soon….


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