knotty thoughts

I am juggling a bunch of different projects right now, both for work and for the fun of it, so of course, I am daydreaming about doing something totally different from anything I am currently working on and starting an embroidery project. What can I say? I have been terribly inspired by all the beautiful embroidery I’ve been seeing all over the place lately. I haven’t embroidered anything in a loooooooooon ass time, (and I was never great at it) but my fingers are just itchin’ to get stitchin’.

2 thoughts on “knotty thoughts

  1. Stupid flickr. Stupid pretty pictures and cute kits. Grrrr.(I want some of those embroidery kits so. Bad. And it’s killing me that I just don’t have the budget for one right now. September though? You’d better believe I’m jumping on this bandwagon before it completely leaves town.)

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