you can’t feel guilty about it if it’s a gift, right?

birthday yarn

I meant to write this post last week, but I was buried under a mountain of softie bats (and a few other creatures I cannot speak of here – not until they become finished objects) so here it is now. Not that it’s particularly exciting, just another exhibitionist flash-o’-the-stash, or rather the latest additions which were gifts and therefore guilt-free. Well, the Koigu in the top photo is guilt-free; it was a birthday present from Matt. (Seriously, he is so wonderful.) The STR in the bottom photo was a gift to myself. I swore I wouldn’t get any more STR after wrestling with a skein of Fire On the Mountain for month and still losing – I could not get it to not pool. The plan is actually to use the Downpour to make a scarf with the FOtM, since it’s better to make a frigging scarf out of it than hurling it out the window as I wanted to do the other night. (I didn’t because I was sure that if I had done so, the squirrels would have hurled it back at me with a note attached reading, “We don’t want this either. It pools horribly. Take it back, effer!” For a second, I entertained the possibility of making another Chevron Scarf, but you know, been there, done that… next! I was thinking of maybe making that ribbed Noro scarf that I have seen here and there and fallen in love with over and over again. Okay, so far, one skein has been assigned a purpose. Now to get knitting!

P.S. – It is official. I am not buying any more yarn until the stash is half of what it is now. For reals. I mean it. Not kidding. I swear.


6 thoughts on “you can’t feel guilty about it if it’s a gift, right?

  1. I knit a scarf from the STR I bought off you ages ago. I improvised a shetland pattern, and what might have pooled horribly as socks turned into a brilliant scarf (sadly, I am lazy on the photo front). Plus, sock yarn makes a very nice weight scarf!P.S. Wow, you got squirrels with attitude šŸ™‚

  2. Lovely, lovely yarn! The Koigu is gorgeous — what a great present! I can’t wait to see what you make out of the STR Downpour and FOtM.

  3. Have fun enjoying the yarn guilt free! I know what you mean about the STR – it’s always so pretty on the skein but a bit impossible to work with.

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