so you think you can hat hat hat


so you think you can hat
Susan Chang
yarn: Rowan Handknit Cotton in 239
needles: Addi Turbos US size 4, Crystal Palace circs & dpns US size 7
modifications: I cast on 108 stitches for a total of 9 pattern repeats instead of 8 as the pattern called for

You know what my favorite item to knit is? Hats. They never take more than a day or two to whip out, and they are so satisfying. Immensely satisfying, in fact. When I watched the first episode of So You Think You Can Dance a couple of weeks ago, I immediately fell in love with Mia’s hat and knew that I had to make it. I was not alone in such hat-lust, and one of the wonderful people on ravelry, insaknitty, came up with a pattern for it. I cast on Monday night and finished it around 2 in the morning because I was still up and couldn’t get to sleep (apparently, this is what not taking Benadryl for a few days does to me – awesome!)*. I love it! Regarding the mods, I decided to add one more pattern repeat for a total of 108 stitches on mine because I have a huge noggin. I had seen Diana’s earlier in the day, and hers fit her perfectly, which made me realize there was no way that 96 stitches was going to fit me properly. As the annoyingly fastidious couple behind me kept whining about Saturday night at the theater while watching The Crappening** (seriously folks, if you must watch this, wait until it comes out on DVD and Netflix it – it suuuuuuuuuuuuuuucked), it seems my head just may be large enough to eclipse theater screens and such. I mean, I know my head is big, but I didn’t realize it was all Easter Island proportioned. Anyhoo! Yeah, I cast on a whole more buncha stitches. Besides, I wanted it to be slouchy, and with that extra repeat, it is slouchiliciously delightful.

Total side note: the poll on my sidebar closes later tonight so if you haven’t had a chance to throw in your vote, please do so now. I will talk about the results and the poll itself in the coming days. As it is I have been running a little behind here so I have a couple of belated posts coming and new posts that tie into this as well.

* Yeah, if this lack of sleep continues, I am dragging my butt to the doctor because it’s a little strange to me that I stop taking Benadryl and now I can’t sleep.

** I cannot believe that The Happening has been compared to Hitchcock’s The Birds. NO! Wrong! Hitchcock was leagues beyond this tripe.


6 thoughts on “so you think you can hat hat hat

  1. one of my friends changed her gmail status to something like “oh, no, mr. shamaylan.” after she saw the crappening. i’m very happy i didn’t spend money on it. but to the point: the mia hat is great! i love mia. she makes me cry every freaking time.

  2. oh noooooooo!!! i’m so sad about the Crappening. markie and zoey and …. 😦but the hat! the hat is soooooo I think I can hat! 🙂 it’s great!

  3. Your photos and super-duper knitting skills make me want to knit this hat even though I’ve never seen SYTYCD. Knitting enabler.

  4. Good hat!!! I made one too and love it, but I wore it to a park barbecue and now it smells like smoke and burgers… so it’s waiting to get washed.I think I might need another one of these bad boys… what about you?

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