faster than a speeding nutkin

Nutkins Finished

pattern: Nutkin
designer: Beth LaPensee, aka Knitzi
yarn: Mama Blue Knitting Goods Sea Merino in Aquae
needles: Addi Turbos US size 1
modifications: I did 7 pattern repeats for the cuff instead of the 8 recommended in the pattern and I knit a round toe (but of course!).

Inspired by Megan and her lovely Nutkin, I bumped these up to the top of my queue and cast on right away. I know Megan said they were a quick knit, but knowing the rate at which I knit, I did not expect them to fly like that. This, of course, makes my slackerly-knitter ass very happy. I am done and I am satisfied. Woohoo! The yarn I used, Sea Merino by Mama Blue, rocks big time. I love its dense texture and its subtle sheen, not to mention this color. This color was a little tricky for me to photograph; it is a soft pale blue with just a touch of green, a beautifully nuanced shade of aqua, in fact. They are clearly more true to their actual color in the photo above than in my previous post about the first sock. And why yes, I did in fact go ahead and mirror the pattern for the second sock. I am normally not that fussy of a knitter, like I never mirrored the pattern for my Child’s First Sock (which I ended up giving to my mom because she loved them so) as so many others did, but in this case, I thought, “Why not just do it?” It was simple enough anyway. Onto more socks now! I have so many queued up in ravelry. And you see, right there is the thing that I love about ravelry. Had I heard about these socks before rav? Sadly, no. And I was apparently not paying attention at all because I also totally missed these socks. And these. I realize that perhaps this speaks more of my bad habits or lack of knitterly commitment than it does to these patterns being hard to find or anything of the such, but it is nice that on a site like ravelry, you can find out about these patterns by doing a quick search or just looking through people’s completed projects rather than wading through so much internet on your own or just waiting for a pattern to become a knitblog or Flickr phenomenon.

Oooh, speaking of knitblogs and such, I don’t know if you folks are reading this through a feedreader or not, but if you are checking in through Bloglines or Googlereader or whatever, you might want to visit the blog itself and participate in a poll I am taking. *gestures with a sweeping arm movement to the sidebar on the right hand side of your screen* I was wondering what other people’s sock knitting habits were, specifically if you all knit socks in the Summer or not. Please feel free to vote for your choice and let me know how you feel about it. Thanks all! And a happy weekend to you!


7 thoughts on “faster than a speeding nutkin

  1. I just cast on for a sock, so I guess I’m in the knit socks in summer section. Your Nutkins are gorgeous! Wait, that sounds really strange.

  2. Okay, I have to knit these know. I am starting these tonight because I love yours (and Megan’s too, of course). But ooh, mirrored patterning!

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