got socks?

Twin Rib Socks
pattern: Twin Rib Socks (see below for pattern details)
designer: me, I guess (with help from Barbara Walker and Nancy Bush)
yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock lightweight in Peaseblossom
needles: Addi Turbos US size 1
When I said yesterday that I hoped it wouldn’t take me a year to knit a partner for my Nutkin, I was speaking from experience. I knit the first sock of this pair last year in what seemed like record time for me. It took me about a day or two to knock out the first sock. I cast on for the second quickly enough, but then I did that thing where I stuffed the project into a bag and forgot about it for months. I kept meaning to finish it, but other more enticing projects came along and lured me away. Then I came craft fair season, then recovering from the holidays, then even more enticing projects came along, then there was this, then that, then the other. There was always something happening, and there was always an excuse for not picking it up and just getting the dang thing done. I picked it up just last week and decided that was it; I was going to finish it once and for all. Because, really, it is a nice sock, and the yarn and the pattern go so well together. The yarn knit up to form a dense, squishy fabric that just hugs your feet and calves and makes them all happy.
The patten itself is easy as pie and does knit up super-quickly (if you’re not a distracted slacker like me and put it down for a year). It’s the Twin Rib Stitch from Barbara Walker’s Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns, p. 4, worked over 60 stitches on US size 1 needles. I used a standard heel stitch heel and gave it the Star Toe of Three Points, from Nancy Bush’s Knitting Vintage Socks, pp. 26-28. This toe, like the round toe, is ideal for pointy-ass feet like mine, so of course, I’m kinda in love with it and think that going forward this is the toe to use for all socks at the 60 stitch count (anything with 64 stitches of 56 stitches automatically gets the round toe). So those are details – nothing too exciting, but it is a satisfying knit. And these are satisfying socks. Now that I am finally done with them, that is.

5 thoughts on “got socks?

  1. These look great! Good for you for finally finishing them.Your name came up at LICKnit last night; were your ears burning? Helen was trying to remember where the fabric store was in Jackson Heights that you used to go to (someone needs to buy elastci for a crocheted skirt).Hope all is well — hugs to you and Matt and the pets!!cccxo

  2. Oh WOW how weird I was just on the BMFA site on the verge of buying ‘Peaseblossom’ (I just saw ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ and oit felt like kismet) but held off because I was wondering what it looked like knit up–well now I know! Your socks are super-rad…

  3. I still cannot believe how stripily those knit up! I guarantee you if I’d try to knit them they would have pools the size of Lake Michigan. I need tinier feet!

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