random thoughts while knitting socks

I love it when a stitch pattern looks far more complicated than it actually is. I love it even better when the stitch pattern is so easy, it practically knits itself.
Nutkin - round toe
When I tried on the sock to make sure I was ready to start decreasing for the toe, Matt looked over and said, “Cool! Looks like you’re about ready to start decreasing for the toe. That was fast.” Oh my goodness, he has become familiar enough with the terminology that he’s using it and correctly at that.
Nutkin - I finally understand short-row heels
I finally FINALLY understand how to do a short-row heel. I don’t know why it took me so long to grasp such a simple concept. Derrrrrrr….
Aquae Nutkin
One sock down; one to go. Let’s hope it doesn’t take me a year to knit the second one. I think I am going to reverse the pattern so that I’ll have mirrored socks. Ooooh…. Also, thanks to Megan for the socky inspiration.

6 thoughts on “random thoughts while knitting socks

  1. I want to swim the the color of those socks. They are lovely. And you’ve got to be proud of a guy who is conversant in knitspeak.

  2. i love Matt and how he not only knows the terminology but can identify when it’s time to start decreasing for the toe. I can never guess by looking at it! They’re GREAT socks.

  3. This is so awesome. You picked the perfect yarn/color for that pattern. I really want to knit this, and I haven’t wanted to knit socks in ages.

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