you tacky thing, you put them on

STR somewhat striped subway seat scarf

I had a friend who was consistently appalled by my use of color. You kinda can’t totally blame her, considering that she was my friend at a time when my hair was Raggedy Ann red and I wore patchwork skirts with bright green fishnet (oh how the Fug Girls would have had a field day… or a heart attack). Any time I would see something brightly colored and go to it like a moth to flame, she would shake her head and hiss, “I knew it! Ugh, you’re so tacky.” I never really let her comments get to me because, honestly, I felt that if my attraction to bright colors was tacky, then I loved tacky. I embraced the tacky. I can’t live in a world that’s all beige and bland. I love color. I love bright colors and jewel-toned hues, the juicier the better. I may wear black most of the time, but there something about a splash of color. I can’t resist it.

This scarf is going to be the brightest, tackiest, most retina-searing accessory I will own. The STR Fire On the Mountain and Downpour aren’t quite striping up per se; they are commingling to form a dense squishy fabric that is more than a little reminiscent of a NYC bus seat (think the Q18 or the B61) or the new seats on the Red Line here in Boston. Some of you may be gagging a little at the sight of this thing, and that’s okay. I understand people will think this is fug to the highest power, but I think it’s charmingly tacky. Now grow little scarf, grow!


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