the joy of socks

plain ol' socks in glorious handspun

pattern: none, just a basic plain ol’ vanilla stockinette sock knit over 56 stitches with a slip-stitch heel and round toe
yarn: handspun by Julia of Knitterly Things
needles: Addi Turbo US#2 circs (magic loop it, baby!)

I am just thrilled that I finally got around to finishing these socks. They are so squishy and wonderful. They are my first foray into the fabulous world of knitting with handspun yarn, and I have got to say – it rocks! Thank you so much again, Julia. The colors are so right up my alley, and the yarn is just fantastic!

Being as I wanted to showcase the yarn, I kept things nice and simple with a pair of straight-up stockinette socks. I love the way the yarn stripes and the jewel tones blend into one another. I miss knitting socks, and knitting these definitely re-acquainted me with the joy of sock-knitting.

plain ol' socks in glorious handspun

Like Kris, I am especially fond of the round toe. They just fit those of us with pointy feet so much better than the wedge toe. Wedge toes never quite fit right; they just don’t hug my toes the way I would prefer. Round toes are oh-so flattering and oh-so perfectly simple to knit, much easier to execute than kitchener stitching together a wedge toe. I usually substitute whatever toe is used in whatever pattern with a round toe, with very little exceptions.

LG wants in on the photo shoot

Also, can I tell you how hard it was for me to get a decent photo of these socks on my feet with the DSL and no tripod? I don’t know how some of you guys manage to get such gorgeous shots of your handknit socks on your feet because it was truly an exercise in patience and hilarity over here. (Please share your tips if you’d like in the comments because I truly do want to learn.) It wasn’t really a problem with the old point-and-shoot, but I have such a hard time pulling my arm the right length away and focusing on the right spot with the DSL. It also didn’t help that Little Guy wanted to be included in the shot so badly. He kept circling around me, nuzzling my legs as I was trying to get a shot of the socks while standing up, blocking my light and throwing shadows. I eventually sat in the blue armchair and threw my legs up over it in hopes of getting away from him. Instead, he just jumped onto the back of the chair and got right in the shot. He just wants to feel loved, I guess.

More knits to come later in the week.


7 thoughts on “the joy of socks

  1. oh wow, these are just gorgeous! i love handspun for socks! also, that is a mighty fine round toe you’ve got there 😀

  2. Julia – Thank you for spinning such gorgeous yarn! It was fabulous to knit with, and I love these socks so much, it is ridiculous.

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