back dat bootee up – instant knits

saartjres bootilicious

pattern: Saartje’s Bootees
pattern by: Saartje
yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock mediumweight in Fairgrounds
needles: US size 1 Crystal Palace straight needles

Before anyone gets the wrong impression, these are not for me. In fact, they have no intended recipient, or not yet at least. I just needed an instant gratification project to knit, and having fallen in love with Saartje’s Bootees since I first saw them here, I decided to give it a go once I saw Kathryn Ivy’s gorgeous pair here. The bootees themselves only took about an hour each to knit, if even that much. Woohoo! You’d think my desire for a finished piece would have been satiated then and there, but alas, I made the mistake of putting them down until I made the time to seam them and weave in all those pesky ends. It took me another week to finally get around to sewing on the buttons, a process which took all of five minutes. I really have to laugh at myself and consider possibly renaming this blog “the home of the world’s laziest knitter.” Maybe that should be my blog subheader or whatnot. Anyhoo, love this pattern. It’s a very satisfying knit and oh-so-cute, too. I think I just might have to knit another pair or two in the near future. It’s such an ideal way to use up those leftover bits of sock yarn.

One thought on “back dat bootee up – instant knits

  1. I absolutely love the colors in these! Whoever they end up being for they will absolutely love them. I totally know how it is about finishing. I have a gorgeous hat that has been sitting around for a couple of months now just waiting for crochet edging… ugh 😉

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