just a brief flash o’ the stash

flash o' the stash - to be knit ASAP

yarns and their intended projects are as follows (as seen in top photo) from left to right (and kinda clockwise):

Crown Mountain Farms Sock Hop in Lucy in the Skies: ribbed socks
Pear Tree Light Worsted Merino in Moss: hat (pattern to be determined)
Sundara Silk Lace in Peacock: Shetland Triangle
Sundara Sock Yarn in Orchid: Mingus Socks by Cookie A.

What is more exciting (or conversely, what is less boring) – showing you all my varied WIPs or flashing a bit of stash? Mmmmmmm, let’s go with the stash-flashing. I actually have immediate plans for all these yarns, and hopefully I can get to it all sooner rather than later because right now I am dying to get started on these projects (ahem, once I finish up a few things on the needles, that is).


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