wip wednesday – taking liberties

Stitching is so soothing.
First top of the new year is done. Virginia gave me a charm pack of some lovely Liberty Lifestyle (the Stile collection) for xmas, and I fell so head over heels that I needed to do something with them right away. I had been craving a project like this for a while – something that was a no-brainer (sewing a bunch of plus signs & piecing them together = super easy and satisfying) but also something to sort of cleanse the palette, a project for the pure pleasure of sewing. It was delightful to play with such pretty prints. Florals are a departure from my usual tastes, so it was doubly fun to use prints I would have probably never picked up on my own but absolutely love love love.
Instead of machine-quilting this, I decided to hand-quilt. I think it keeps with the prettiness of the top, and it allows me to more easily stitch echo lines around each individual plus sign in a contrasting color specific to each print. I have been jonesing to do some hand-stitching for a while now, so I am enjoying this process immensely, even though I haven’t gotten much further along than you see here. I’d say I am maybe 1/8 of the way there. Not that I’m rushing myself with this. I like being able to savor the process.

3 thoughts on “wip wednesday – taking liberties

  1. i really like the concept of using different threads to match the blocks- lovely!

    also- are you having any upcoming classes for the drunkards path block (or can you point me in the right direction to buy the pattern)? can't find any info on the gather here site. thanks!!

    keep up the good work!

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