a remembrance of quilts past

As I plot and scheme and work on new quilts (first top of the year is done and in the process of being handquilted, two more tops in the works), I’d like to take a moment to reflect on a couple of quilts I made last year that I never got around to posting about on here.
First up, this granny square quilt:

granny square quilt

I jumped right into the scrappy granny quiltalong last year based on this fabulous tutorial by Blue Elephant Stitches and had finished all my blocks lickety-split. I didn’t totally keep it scrappy. Well, I did use scraps, but I was consistent with whatever prints I used for the specific rings in each block. I had the opportunity to use up every last bit of fabrics that I love and had so much fun fussy-cutting the pieces. I eventually got around to sashing and quilting it. I decided that I wanted to practice some free-motion quilting on it, so I urge you not to look too closely on one part of it. The other part is all straight lines yet is still considered practice because that’s where I took my Juki for a spin for the first time. Ahhhh, misty-colored memories….
I am pretty happy with the finished quilt, but I’m the first to admit the quilting on it is pretty crazy which is why I’m keeping it for Dahlia. The wee fussy-cut pieces make it a neat “I-spy” type of kids’ quilt full of adorable Lizzy House hedgehogs and foxes and characters from her Peeps collections.
Next up is my “Shoo So Fly” quilt:
shoo so fly

When Malka’s line first hit gather here, I had to have every print there and make something that would function as an homage to Malka. Through the years, she has been a great source of inspiration to me. I was compelled to make something that would be a tip o’ the hat to her and her designs. Again, I used this quilt as practice for my free-motion quilting. Let’s just say that my wishbones have improved a lot since this quilt. I’m half-tempted to rip out the quilting and re-do it, but meh, I can live with it. 
close up of my crappy wishbones
After all, there are new quilts just waiting to be sewn and new projects a’brewing every which way.

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