a sweater for my sweet wee

happy little sweater model

pattern: Kid’s Seamless Sweater
designer: Shellee Floyd of Soulful Hues
yarn: Hello Yarn Rambouillet in “Pate de Fruit” spun by NJstacie
needles: Addi Turbo 16 inch and 24 inch circs in US size 8

This one. She slays me with her smile. With the way she says, “Hi, mama!” in the morning and chases after her brother all day. Tonight after dinner, I caught her feeding the dogger her leftover carrot bits, giggling gleefully as he licked her fingers. It was such a small moment, but it filled me with joy. She makes my heart sing.

I can't believe she turns1 in 2 hours

So the sweater… I knit it in one go. It was *that* easy. The pattern is simple and straightforward, and it really showcases the handspun beautifully. That Stacie is one über-talented lady. And, of course, Adrian is brilliant with her colors. Not much else to say about the sweater itself other than I cast on 56 instead of 60 stitches because I wanted a slightly smaller fit, which is exactly what I got, and I finished the bottom hem with 1×1 ribbing instead of garter. I think it will fit her for the rest of this winter and maybe the beginning of next fall. We’ll see….

glowy handspun in the setting sunlight

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