wip snapshot – the sweet little sweater edition

Two sweaters for Dahlia. Need to weave in ends & block.
Just some late night knitting – one sweater finished New Years Eve, one started and finished the other day making it my first finished knit of 2013. I can’t believe that in just a couple of days, my wee D will be one, and I haven’t knit her a sweater until now. We’ve been lucky to receive some lovely handknit sweaters from awesome friends, but I had yet to knit her anything myself. Until now. Hooray! 
These two still need their ends woven in and a light blocking, but they’re done, finished, completed. And I may have one more on the needles. Ahem. Now that we’ve worked out a pretty good nighttime routine, I can actually get some knitting in after I put the kiddos to bed. Full details and photos of the sweaters tomorrow.

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