bunty bunt bunt

bunting quilt from the last class

This is, what? The fourth or fifth time? It’s a good thing I love making this quilt! It seems to be a popular class, which is great all around. People seem to respond to the design, which makes me super-happy, and it’s a nice and easy one to make, so it works for beginners as well as folks who are slightly more advanced.

bunting detail - wee fox flag

For this iteration of it, I used some of my favorite fabrics in colors that are kinda Fall-like without being  overtly so – plums, golds, and rusty orange against a pale blue sky. I somehow fussy-cut the foxes without meaning to do so while slicing up the triangles. Bob Ross would call that a “happy accident” then advise me to put in a “happy little tree” in there and then to make it two so they don’t get lonely. Which, oh! That reminds me! I took a class with Lizzy House at gather here last week, and OMG she was awesome and the class was fantastic and I got to draw forever and it was so delightful and even luxurious to be able to do that and… I will write a whole other blog post about that, but I just had to get that out because I have been bursting with joy and inspiration since then.


Anyhootle, in an ironic blatantly hypocritical twist, after I gushed on and on to my students about the beauty of a hand-bound quilt binding and extolled its superiority over the machine-bound variety, I went home and completely machine-bound my quilt. What can I say? I had two more waiting in the wings for binding and three that are waiting to be quilted (plus one “top priority” quilt that just came up and is going to beat all the others to the machine) so…. I pinned a ton and went at a slower pace than usual, and it came out beautifully. I’d like to think I’m getting better at it, but I think it’s just a matter of following the basic rules more strictly and possibly using a machine that I didn’t have to fight every stitch of the way. And I bound the other two that way also. Woohoo!

4 thoughts on “bunty bunt bunt

  1. It is gorgeous even if you didn't hand bind the quilt. Quilting is on my bucket list of things to try. I bought fabric to make a baby quilt early this year, and I haven't done anything with it. Maybe with all of the people I know who are expecting that will change. Or maybe I'll knit more baby sweaters again.

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