As the quilts in various stages of completion pile up on my work table, I’m finally getting around to writing about ones I finished months and months ago, like this wholecloth quilt I made for a quilting class. Wholecloth quilting is a great way to introduce people to the process of quilting – not patchwork, but the act of quilting itself. It also makes for a pretty satisfying and practical project. I thought it would make a great class for anyone looking to learn the basics, a quick and easy quilt that could be completed in its entirety in the three hour timespan of a class session. Using the print on the top to determine the quilting, I opted for a more organic approach. The wavy quilting lines, which I made using a walking foot, echo the vines in the print. They also play nicely with the print on the back:


Inspired by Ashley/film in the fridge’s lovely wholecloth quilt, I decided to go with a plaid print for my binding, too. I’m pretty fond of the way it works. It really ties the quilt together:

And here it is being put to good use:

afternoon snooze

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