warm hands

mitts - finished!
pattern: my own basic recipe – chain stitch 40 stitches w/ an F hook (3.75 mm), join, then using a D hook (3 mm) half-double crochet a tube for 12 rows, hdc back & forth for another 10 rows for the thumb opening, then join and hdc for another 6 rows.
yarn: 1 skein of Blue Sky Alpacas Alpaca Silk
hook: Clover F for the starting chain and D for the rest of the wristwarmer (note: a Clover hook in D is 3 mm, not 3.25 mm)
Every autumn, I tell myself I am going to make myself a pair of fingerless mitts. And every autumn, I don’t for whatever reason or another (usually out of sheer laziness). This time, inspired by Katherine from gather here and a whole slew of awesome crochet wristwarmers out there, I started one before I even knew what I was doing. That might explain why I had to rip my first one, which was too big and floppy. These are *just* a little snug, and if I had to do them over, I might give myself a couple of extra stitches and definitely use a much bigger hook when crocheting the starting chain. As they are they fit fine, but they’re a little hard to get on quickly. They might stretch a little with time and use, but we’ll see…. They’re the perfect thing for this in-between weather, and they keep my hands cozy while I work.


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