sew very right

top done for the modern baby quilt class

I’ve been kinda swept up and busy juggling several projects at once over here. This change of season always does that to me – kicks me into high gear and causes me to want to make all of the things. One project that I have been enjoying immensely is this quilt top I just finished for a modern baby quilt class I’ll be teaching at Gather Here starting Tuesday, October 11th. It’s a 2-part class. The first session, we work on the top – how to make a Drunkard’s Path block, how to layout your top. The second session, we work on quilting and binding. I’m really looking forward to this class. This quilt has been on the top of my must-make list for a while, ever since I saw this piece of graphic design on pinterest.
Drunkard’s Path blocks are super-easy to make, and I was able to blast through these pretty quickly. It’s also the type of block that easily lends itself to a plethora of design options, which is great because hey, options are a good thing, right? Once you know how to make one of these blocks, you have the ability to make any of dozens and dozens different designs or just invent your own. I think that will be my next exercise/project for myself.  I want to experiment with these quarter circles and see what I end up with. That is, if I can tear myself away from triangles for long enough, but that’s another story for another day….

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