wee jars of sweet & spicy tomato jam

I had to do it. Thanks to Adrian and Sarah and their many delicious-sounding jams and jellies, I bought a humongous pot that’s almost too big for our wee stove and some jars and got to it. I couldn’t resist! The inspiration these two ladies have been steadily providing has been tremendous what with their prolific canning of the most mouth-watering recipes. My first couple of attempts were tasty but not quite the consistency I was aiming for, like the raspberry jelly that was somewhere between a syrup and a jelly. Next, there was the blueberry chile jam. That came out wonderfully, but that was more of a fluke than my actually knowing what I was doing. Then, there was a massive fail – the lavender blueberry butter that I burnt so badly it tasted like death in a jar. I gag just thinking about it. Anyway, there was some redemption in the form of a blackberry jam that was a little runny, but at least it wasn’t death in a jar. All of my batches have been small, producing only 2 or 3 of the larger 8 ounce jelly jars at most in one go, but I’ve been enjoying the process and the more successful results.
mmmmmm, sweet & spicy tomato  jam
When Adrian and Sarah posted/tweeted about tomato jam, I had to make some because it sounded amazing and you know, why not? So far, this sweet and spicy tomato jam has been my most successful attempt at canning. Granted, I went a little heavy with the cinnamon. I always forget that the particular container I used lacks the wee holes and when I went to shake some out, I accidentally poured it instead. I tried to temper it with some extra lemon and some crushed up sage that I had dried from our garden, and that seemed to do the trick. The texture and consistency are more or less what I wanted them to be. And good god, it is scrumptious! Adrian was right. My grilled cheese sandwich this afternoon thanked me tons for it. I think I may need to make more of this soon before the tomatoes are totally done for the season.

2 thoughts on “jammin’

  1. Great to read that you also had success with the tomato jam! I wish I had properly canned and kept a few jars in storage to pull out in the dead of winter, but we've already eaten or shared most of it. Oops.

    Your blog and photography are so lovely. After browsing, I think you've inspired me to start documenting some of my crafty projects as well as my food production on Wonderland Kitchen. Or at least to pick up my knitting. This cold snap in the Northeast finds me needing gloves again….

  2. I have not tried tomato jam (yet), but I must say that we have become much more adventurous with our canning, since I have seen Adrian's jarring creations. Fig chutney, spicy strawverry jam and fig/tomato relish are a few of the things tahat I would never have tried on my own.

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