the knit parade – the silver lining in the ice cold douche

STR knee-highs

pattern: none, just my own improvised recipe for a knee-high (see below)
designer: anyone who has ever knit a sock
yarn: Socks That Rock heavyweight in a colorway I forget (Lover’s Lane, maybe?)
needles: Addi Turbo 32 inch circs in US size 3
The upside to having to go through wet bags and boxes of yarn and fabric and crap when the melting roof starts peeing on them is that you come across almost-finished projects from the long-long-ago – projects that you totally forgot about that are so close to being done that you are able to finish them in one night. These knee-highs were one down, one at the heel. Super easy, right? What took me so long? Maybe it was my fear of short row heels? It was a fear I easily conquered in one evening. Whatever mental block I had about doing them before melted away as I banged one out while knitting with a friend. Maybe I was over-thinking them?
I didn’t use any pattern for this. I can’t even remember what exactly I did, but it looks like I cast on 60 stitches, k1p1 for 2 inches, then decreased 2 stitches at the back every 10 rows until I was down to 50 stitches on the needles. I worked a short row heel, knit for another 5 inches, then worked a round toe. Simple. Fast. Efficient. They’re cozy as all get-out, and I think they’re the perfect socks to wear under Wellies. Hooray for lost projects found!

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