color week – thursday greens

color week - thursday green
I saw the perfect shot today as I was walking to the subway – it was a bike with a bright green basket against a pile of snow. It stood out brilliantly against the soft piles of white. I framed it in my mind’s eye and kept on walking because I had stupidly left my camera at home. This is my cop-out shot. It’s not the shot I wanted, not the shot that made my heart suddenly flutter with joy, but it will do for now. And hey! I do so love my new glasses. Next time, though, I’m going to make sure to pack my camera.

2 thoughts on “color week – thursday greens

  1. I love your Warby Parker glasses! None of them looked good one me (Aside from the Webb in clear, but everyone else aside from greeley & my hub hated them), but they look wonderful on you!!

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