what happens when I stay up late

9 more blocks

How do you deal with a terrible case of insomnia? If you’re me, you put that time to use by sewing sort of wonky log cabin squares to complete your KbeeC quilt. They’re wonky(ish) blocks, so it doesn’t matter that I’m all bleary-eyed and can’t see straight. They’re supposed to be weird and wonky! They’re easy as pie, and I can churn them out super-fast and fuss-free. Once the kid is in bed – and thank crunchy he’s a sound sleeper who gets in about a solid 6-8 hours at night – I stay up and sew for a couple of hours. That is if I’m not reading, drawing (I started that again), catching up on the internet, or, ahem, shopping for fabric online (but shhhhhh – let’s not speak of that).

So back to the blocks…. You might recall that a few months ago, I signed up for a block swap/virtual quilting bee with some friends. For my month, I decided I wanted a bunch of wonky log cabin blocks a la Denyse Schmidt’s Drunk Love in a Log Cabin. My bee buddies did an awesome job with their blocks. I had 28 wonderful blocks in the end. My original plan was to bang out a couple more to make it 30 and have the quilt be 5 x 6 blocks (approximately 60 x 72 inches). When my mother was visiting, I showed her the blocks, and she suggested I make it a little wider by adding another column. I figured I might as well. I had enough fabric to do so. Also, in this case a bigger quilt makes for a better quilt; the more blocks I have, the more delightful the mishmash of wonktastic squares. I can’t wait to piece this all together! But first, I have to finish a few things for other people, including more bee blocks, a couple of baby quilts, and some toys for my own kiddo…. Seriously, how have I not made this kid a softie yet?


3 thoughts on “what happens when I stay up late

  1. This is turning out to be a fantastic quilt. I'm especially loving the use of the bias argyle print. Can't wait to see the finished top.

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