the joy of bouncy balls & other haikus

one scrappy bee - bounce
one scrappy bee - balls
one scrappy bee - joy

So many fun bees going on these days! Recently, I joined One Scrappy Bee on flickr, and the first person I was to sew for was the immensely talented and prolific Chawne. She, being awesome as she is, chose a type of block that was fun, inventive, challenging, and inspiring – the word block! And shit-howdy did I enjoy sewing these word blocks! They were pretty easy to construct, only requiring a little bit of foresight. And there was a ton of freedom in choosing whatever words you wanted, as long as they weren’t from recent popular culture. Lucky for me, too, that Chawne likes cheeky terms because I am all over that. It satisfies the poo-joke loving 5 year-old in me. I hope she likes the blocks I made as much as I liked making them. I only wish that I had given my “bounce” block a bit more bounce by not arranging the letters in such a static straight line. I’d love to play around more with letters some day. It would be exciting to experiment with thick and thin pieces and to play with negative space. There’s a world of possibilities with this type of block. Speaking of possibilities, I leave you with this haiku I was inspired to write using the words I chose for the blocks:

when balls bounce with joy
they put a smile on your face
a psychic sacking

Wanna try your hand at a haiku? Feel free to leave one (or two – for balance, symmetry, and whatnot) in the comments!

one scrappy bee - name block

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