the blanket, it is DONE!

pattern: Flowers in the Snow blanket
designer: not sure, but there are two excellent tutorials available at Yvestown and Solstrikke
yarn: Berroco Vintage
needles: Clover Soft Touch hook, size D/3mm
modifications: I followed the instructions on Solstrikke, substituting a slip ring for the initial chain you would loop through for a tighter center; used the 3 DCs at the corners when joining in the white, as per Yvestown; I crocheted 3 rows of DCs for a border.

It’s done! And I am relieved & overjoyed. I feel like this is the best thing I have ever made. Normally, my attention span is not up for this kind of project, and if I set it down, I drift away and start something else, totally forgetting about it until a friend asks about its progress be it a few days or a few months down the line. I’m glad that I became kind of obsessed with it because now it’s done. And I love it! And I can move on to other projects knowing that this blanket, intended for our Feisty fetal friend, is ready and waiting for our little one’s arrival in just a couple of months. I can now happily cross that off my list. Woohoo!

I am pleased with the finished dimensions. It turned out larger than I originally intended, measuring 39 1/2 x 44 1/2 inches. That’s great, though, as it makes for a more versatile blanket.

I’m also satisfied with the border I used. Plain and simple, but it fits the bill nicely.

I seriously cannot get enough of photographing its bright, joyous colors. Also, how demented am I that I kind of want to make another one of these blankets in a Chuck Close kinda way? I think this motif lends itself perfectly to that breakdown (and build-up) of color. If I do go through with this plan at some point in the future, please remind me not to use Vintage again. While it blocked out beautifully, and the colors are great, it was so splitty and annoying to work with. I need something with a different ply and an awesome assortment of colors. I think I’ve got plenty of time to research yarn before I go through with this endeavor. This is about all the blanket I can do for now.


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