These are the last progress shots of the blanket because come Sunday I hope to have the border crocheted, the woven-in ends all clipped, and the blanket itself blocked and ready to go. Unless I give in to that crazy part of me that kinda wants this to be slightly more rectangular and make it 10 x 14 squares instead of 10 x 12. As it is, it measures 32 x 40 inches. That should be fine for a baby blanket, right? Are baby blankets okay in a slightly more square format? Or should I make it more rectangular? I’m just making myself batty, aren’t I? I’m being cuckoo-bananas about this. Right now, I think I’m going to call it done and get started on that border. After all, there are about twenty other projects on the needles waiting to be finished, and I haven’t even started my second Ravelympics project yet. Gah! And that’s not even to mention the quilts, much less the few work orders I have yet to finish. So much to do before I pop.

2 thoughts on “almost

  1. It's totally fine the way the size is right now. It's PERFECT! Speaking as a mother, I have found that my kid used the smaller blankets more because she can drag it around. Plus, the small ones are great for strollers or carseats, so they don't end up dragging.

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