while i was away

I brought two projects with me on my trip last week. One is a gift I am knitting for a friend. The other is this hexagon quilt that I started over two years ago and put away because I felt like I was never going to finish it. Well, surely, I’m not going to finish it if it’s stuffed away in the back of a drawer or hiding in a bag somewhere. Granted, it is daunting when I think of the amount of hexagons I have yet to piece, not to mention all the flowers that I need to make from those. The hexagons are each about an inch and a half wide. I am a little intimidated by the whole process, but I really want to finish this. It is now my mission to see this madness through. I made some progress, it seems. I went from 19 flowers to 35 in a matter of three days, so there’s that at least. Now to paper-piece a few hundred more hexagons….

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