welcoming harvest

We’re back from our little trip, and woah, was it a great one! We spent a few days hiking in the Berkshires (we did Benedict’s Pond & a bit of the Appalachian Trail there, Monument Mountain, and Jug End) and a couple of days hiking & biking in Vermont. It was a fabulously blissful time. Now that we’re back, I feel like something has shifted and I am realigned. Yeah, I know it sounds all foo-foo and whatever, but it’s true. I feel more focused and reinvigorated. Time to strike while the iron is hot and work on some of those projects that have been piling up, both personal and professional.

Awaiting our return were a ton of ripe veggies in our garden and a ton of blooming dahlias, a few of which I cut and brought into the apartment. All that rain I whined about weeks ago has been a boon to all the plants. I am vaguely embarrassed now by all my morose kvetching about the gray and the damp. (Well, maybe not so embarrassed, actually – heh.) Everything is thriving! Hooray!


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