now it’s time on knottybits when we dance

We’re off to Dance Camp in the morning, which means I will be away from the internet for the next few days. Really, it couldn’t come at a better time. I really need an internet detox; I spend way too much time online. It even occurred to me earlier this evening that if there were some sort of top ten list of signs that you spend too much time online, I would probably fit every listed item. Would you? Well, why not check and see! Here’s my list:

Top Ten Signs You Spend Waaaaaaaaaaaaay Too Much Time Online

10 – You find yourself wondering if “awesomesauce” goes on “amazeballs” or comes from “amazeballs.”

9 – You go to twitter to rubberneck ravelry, you go to ravelry to rubberneck youtube, and you go to gawker to rubberneck the rest of the world.

8 – You have a twitter account for one of your pets.

7 – You spend a chunk of your evening ironically blinging up your friend’s Flickr comments.

6 – You find yourself irritated by bad commenters as if they were crappy co-workers.

5 – You go out in the rain to get cupcakes because people keep talking about cake and cupcakes and posting photos and links and aaaaaaaaaaaaaagggggggggggggghhhhhhhhh, cupcakes…. You must have cupcakes!!!!

4 – Face-down Tuesday doesn’t faze you at all.

3 – You’re afraid to know your Flickr stats because you don’t want to confirm that people can look you up by googling “massive dork.”

2 – You prefer gchat over phone calls.

1 – You enjoy Rich’s recaps more than the actual shows. (1a – You talk with your friends about Rich as if you knew him in real life. 1b – You find yourself talking about people you like and specifying whether you know them in “real life” vs. “the internet.”)

So yeah, hope I can make it through the withdrawal. Here’s to our summer officially kicking off! See you folks soon. Happy birthday to Amy on Thursday!


5 thoughts on “now it’s time on knottybits when we dance

  1. Yep, all 10. Have a good time. We are heading out on Friday and will be totally unwired. I am getting jittery just thinking about it.

  2. What kinda dance do you do? I'm a sometime bellydancer, and it's so much fun!! Dance Dance Dance!

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