hooked on a feeling

pattern: The Modern Vintage Potholder (coming soon)
designer: Maryse
yarn: Tahki Cotton Classic
hook: 2.5 mm (size C)

I was finishing up my potholders for the swap the other week while my friend Beth was visiting, and every night as we chatted, I furiously crocheted, cursing myself for waiting until the last minute… and maybe-just-maybe cursing crochet in general. Ahem. I may have even said to her, “If I never crochet another potholder again, I will die happy.” I may have cackled deliriously and flipped off my stack of crochet books.

Yet when Maryse mentioned she needed someone to test out her gorgeous pattern for “The Modern Vintage Potholder,” I jumped at the chance. Part of the reason why is because I adore Maryse, but another is that I love that pattern. That, and clearly, I still have crochet on the brain, even if I swore off it in a fit of frustration.

Maryse is going to make the pattern available soon, so drop by her blog for more details.


3 thoughts on “hooked on a feeling

  1. Do you know I have been waiting for this pattern to be born into the world since maryse introduced it in May? I cannot wait to see it in print. Thanks for the teaser, it's lovely!

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