thoughts on marlene

95::365 - one marlene down

God, I LOVE this pattern. Cookie A. is a genius! It looks so complex, but it is such a breeze to knit. There are two things I would recommend to anyone knitting this:

1 – Try on the cuff before you start the heel flap. You may not need as many pattern repeats as the pattern calls for. It all depends on your gauge and the length of your leg and width of your calves, I suppose, but I didn’t find it necessary. The pattern is not as stretchy as you would think. I only knit 5 repeats + the 9 rounds because as it was the cuff was a bit snug up my calf and long enough for my liking anyway (and I like long cuffs). The pattern knits up super-fast, so one more repeat isn’t going to feel like that much more knitting, but it is going to fit tightly at the calf. Maybe it might be a good idea to knit the ribbing at the cuff and the first two repeats with a larger needle if you want a longer cuff.

2 – Although it doesn’t say so in the written pattern, if you want your socks to look like the socks depicted in the photo, continue knitting the toe in the k1tbl,p1 pattern as you work your decreases.

101::365 - my marlene

I guess these things might go without saying for some. It’s stuff that’s easy enough to figure out on your own, but why not pass it along, you know? Sometimes it’s good to know these details before starting a project.

Also, allow me to be a total geek and point out how funny it is that these look almost identical inside out because I apparently unintentionally twist my purls:

inside out - because i twist my purls

Maybe next time I knit something using twisted stitches, I’ll knit it inside out since my purls always twist. (I think it has something to do with being a combination knitter. Maybe? Hmmmm….)


11 thoughts on “thoughts on marlene

  1. Oooh, those are so pretty! I love the color you used! I really like this pattern too but I’ve been having a hard time finding a yarn that I like with it.

  2. I have the same problem, my purls in the round always twist, I figured out a new way of purling in the round, which is a bit of a pain, but it straightens them out.
    I adore the colour! After seeing yours I think I will make them, and as you said, inside out. Thank you!

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