it’s rastafarout, man!

So one day as we were getting ready to have his capoeira group over for their music class at our place, Matt and I got into a whole conversation about BRO-dhisattvas and trustafarians. Embarrassingly enough, I think the subject came up because I was telling Matt about some awful conservative versus liberal wife-swap show on Fox* and how I felt that they clearly chose the most extreme examples of both camps but usually made the liberal look worse by picking the most way-out hippy-dippy astrology chart writing, hemp-worshipping, ridiculous and totally cartoonish example they could find. Whereas the conservative couple was potrayed in a more positive, sympathetic light, the liberal couple came off like a couple of talking buttholes. For this particular episode the talking butthole was some smoked-out dude with blonde dreadlocks who was super-annoying and puctuated every statement with “Rastafari! Rastafari!” (Yeah, it irks to know that we would probably be lumped in with this hemorrhoid just because we lean to the left, but whatever – screw Fox.) Pretty much anyone who went to a liberal arts college knew that kid who was all, “Yeah, so I’m a Rastafarian. Jah love, man.” That dude was this dude, and apparently, Andy Samburg is all too familiar with the kind of dude we’re talking about. Also, Andy Samburg is awesome.

P.S. I think Matt is pretty awesome for coming up with the term “BRO-dhisattva,” too.

* For the record, I only watched this show because I was alone at home and bored and came across this car-wreck and could not avert my gaze.


5 thoughts on “it’s rastafarout, man!

  1. ah…the trustafarian. my favorite. i never was able to find one who could reasonably justify his (brand new) pathfinder or jetta….or the one with the bmw. priceless. (and that is my excuse for watching “biggest loser”. Except it is on the dvr…and I am usually not alone…)

  2. Oh my god, I love Andy Samberg so so so much. He’s pretty much the only reason I still watch SNL (that and the fact that I have a DVR and can bust through it in like 30 minutes). This is awesome, I hadn’t seen this one.

  3. Oddly enough (or embarrassingly enough!), I actually saw that episode of Wife Swap and had the same reaction as you. I just hope that the thought that liberal = hippy-dippy isn’t a widespread one.

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