you know you’re frazzled when you can’t even conceive of a post title

In order to organize my thoughts, I am going to have to break this post down into 6 parts because let me tell you, I am skedaddled! Only 7 more days before Bazaar Bizarre Boston, and my worktable overfloweth. Apparently, so does my mind… with random thoughts and useless junk, however.

1. That yarn in the photo above? That is some Pigeonroof handspun that I received as a gift from Megan. Thanks again, M! Lovely stuff! And perfect for a quick mindless project that will help to soothe me so I can sleep at night. Now here’s my question: what do I knit with it? Should I knit myself a Thorpe? Or some rustic mittens like these beauties? Or yet another cowl, like maybe another Gloria? If I had enough yardage, I would knit myself some legwarmers like these, because seriously, I LOVE them. Gah! I can’t think. Please help me pick a project and cast your vote in the poll on the sidebar. The yarn is a light worsted/dk, and the yardage is about 170 yards, enough for any of the projects I’m considering.

2. Speaking of projects, I went to A Good Yarn in Brookline (LOVE!!!!) over the weekend with some friends and got the yarn(s) I needed for presents to knit. I may have already cast on for one of these gifts-to-be. Unfortunately, I can’t share any of the glorious details until after the holidays because intended recipients know about the blog. I am not sure if and when they read it, but better not to take that chance. In other news, apparently, I have a huge mouth and cannot keep secrets.

3. Thank crunchy I am not a dj because my opinion seems to have been way off on the Twilight soundtrack. I still think that the music was boring and underwhelming, but I was totally wrong about the kids. The kids – they love it. I just don’t understand how. The exceptions to the suckage I thought were Radiohead, who can do no wrong as far as I am concerned, and Paramore, that thanks to the A.D.D. Knitter I looked up on last fm and now totally comprehend why the tweens love it. I would love them too were I 12. I might kinda love them now. Gah, I should be so ashamed of my last fm library… but I’m not.

4. Speaking of Twilight, move over Bella and Edward. I am so over them and so into Eli and Oskar of Let the Right One In. If you get a chance to see this, go… now! If not, Netflix it. You will love it. Besides the gorgeous cinematography, great acting, and a compelling story, there are several moments of hilarity (not sure if they were intentional or not) that only a good vampire movie can provide. It was (genuinely) awesome.

5. I am so happy that ’tis the season for peppermint hot chocolate. Yeah, random, but true.

6. I am going to be away from the computer for the next week because I still have a ton of stuff to finish for Baz Biz. I’ll be back some time next week and hopefully have a finished knit or two to show for myself. In the meanwhile, hope your holiday season is off to a happy and peaceful start. See you folks soon!


4 thoughts on “you know you’re frazzled when you can’t even conceive of a post title

  1. I don’t really need to wish you good luck with the Bazaar Bizarre, since you’ll kill, I’m sure, but good luck with the not going crazy beforehand! 🙂

  2. Oh I am sure you are going to be coming home with loads o’ cash from the BB event–yay! And have you ever tried Pandora, the internet radio thingie that suggest songs for you? Thought I’d mention it…

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