here are the selbu moderns*

pattern: Selbu Modern
designer: Zeitgeist Yarns
yarn: Colinette Jitterbug in Elephant’s Dream and Vatican Pie
needles: 16 inch circs in US size 0 & US size 2

I don’t think I have ever loved a hat as much as this one. I love the pattern. I loved the process of knitting it. I love the way it fits. I am absolutely smitten with everything about it. I had a feeling I would. When I first saw friends favoriting the pattern and queing it up on ravelry, I was intrigued. It was seeing a shrill caramel’s Selbu Modern that convinced me that I must knit one for myself. I was hit pretty hard by a case of “the covets.” Then I saw Christy’s, and I could not wait to cast on. I think it was Kelly’s that pushed me over the edge to action, and I cast on right away. I wasn’t the only one. The add knitter and Ashley were knitting theirs as I was knitting mine. I kinda wish we could all get together while wearing our Selbu Moderns out and take over a bar/pub, where all the patrons would be asking, “Ummm, who are these crazy-ass loud chicks and why are they all wearing the same hat but in different colors?” We could say we’re a roving gang of knitters out to collect some booty (heh, booty) and beer and coerce them to buy us beer with our pointy sticks. But I digress….

I was a little concerned a couple of days ago about how the colorwork part would fit because I hadn’t blocked it yet. Well, it blocked out beautifully, I am happy to say:

As I suspected, the red did bleed a fair amount, but thanks to Adrian’s tip about using shampoo and cold water, it didn’t stick to the aqua (and I didn’t end up with a red and lavender hat that I would probably not be so thrilled with). Hooray for happy knits! If you’re looking for a quick and pretty project, seriously, this hat is so for you. Thank you to Kate at Zeitgeist Yarns for putting together such a lovely pattern and for making it available on her blog for free. Kate, you are so awesome!

* The post title is a reference to Kill Hannah, which I will half-shamefully admit to adoring.


11 thoughts on “here are the selbu moderns*

  1. I’m all in for going after booty and beer as the Selbu Modern gang. On our way home from the bars we can tag the leaf motif. B/c all gangs need a tag.

  2. This colour combo is so great! I’m about ready to knit this all over again too (and again, and again, if i’m honest), so I may have to copy!

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