pattern: Lichen Ribbed Socks, from Knitting Vintage Socks
designer: part Nancy Bush, part my own fiddling and fine-tuning
yarn: Crown Mountain Farms Sock Hop in Light My Fire
needles: Addi US#1 circs (magic loop it, baby!)
modifications: knit over 64 stitches (instead of 60 as pattern calls for), eye of partridge heel and round toe (instead of Welsh Heel and Star Toe of Three Points)

I hate to admit it, but I’m a pretty selfish knitter. I love knitting socks, but usually I only knit socks for myself. I never partake in any sock swaps (always been a little afraid to do so), and it’s a rare occasion when I knit socks as a gift for loved one. I’ve made some for my parents and a pair for my father-in-law because I know they truly appreciate it. As for Matt, well, the one pair I knit for him was mauled by the dog, which was actually very uncharacteristic behavior on Malachi’s part. After that incident, I was loathe to knit Matt another pair lest he leave them lying about for Mali to chew on. Whenever he would ask for another pair, I would wave him away with a “Yeah, yeah, sure, someday. Oh, word? You like that yarn? Umm, yeah, I guess I could use that. When I finish this project, okay?” Well, since he asked nicely, and since his reaction to the Sock Hop was surprisingly enthusiastic, I decided to finally get to that pair of socks. He loves them! Which, of course, makes me very happy. Let’s just hope I don’t find them mauled on Mali’s bed in a month or so.


4 thoughts on “mattsocks!

  1. Pretty!! I love the reds. Is it technically giving away when they still live in the same house as you? Does that help?;) And PS, I need to spin some sock yarn up!!

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