and it only took two years

Rock and Weave Socks

Rock and Weave
designer: A. Karen Alfke
yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock mediumweight in Fairgrounds
needles: Addi Turbos in US#s 1 and 2, Clover 10 inch straight in US#5

One of the (many) ace things about ravelry is that it got me to go through my stash and my box o’ projects and evaluate what stays and what goes, what gets finished right away and what gets frogged. It made me realize how much yarn I have (seriously, I should not buy any more for another year or two) and how many little projects I have going on that I have kinda forgotten about. See, even though I have a plastic bin for the stash and a (cardboard) box for my projects, the truth is that I squirrel away yarn and WIPs in strange and unexpected places such as desk drawers, fabric bins, mailing supplies, plastic bags tucked in between pieces of furniture, and then I forget all about them. The combination of the tendency to squirrel and an unreliable short-term memory makes for a lot of surprises around these parts, not just the knitty kind. (Ask me about the coffee I made in the morning and forgot about until 10 that night when Matt asked why there was a full press hanging out on the kitchen table or the yogurt that I walked away from and forgot about until I went to see what the cats were fighting over.) Yeah, it’s a little scary. In my quest to upload photos of all my stash and WIPs, I have come across all sorts of stuff, like these Rock and Weave Socksthat I knit and finished two years ago but had yet to sew on the buttons. Frigging buttons! I was four buttons away from completion of a nifty pair of socks in an awesome pattern, yarn and colorway. Dude, seriously, I am the world’s laziest knitter.

Rock and Weave Socks - cuffs

I found four buttons from an old Club Monaco sweater that Matt accidentally shrunk to unwearable proportions and finally attached them, albeit I think I would have preferred to use matching yarn over thread. In fact, I believe the pattern suggested tooth floss for strength. I used hand-quilting thread instead, which is slightly waxed and also very strong. I am not too pleased with the way the white of the thread pops against the shimmery mother-of-pearl goodness of the button, but perhaps I will get used to it. Besides, it’s not too noticeable against that yummy yarn… uhhhhh, I hope not at least. I’m just excited that these are finally 100% finished. Dunzo! Next! And just in time for Spring (or something like it).

More photos on my ravelry page.


2 thoughts on “and it only took two years

  1. Gorgeous! That is one cool looking cuff. I’ve found the best thing about Ravelry is that it’s forced me to get organized… and also realize that I don’t need to buy any more yarn for at least a year or two as well!

  2. Beautiful! But you’re not the world’s laziest knitter. I am. I have so many projects that are done except for sewing up, or felting, or whatever.

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